Ballad of the 'dot Berets

(sung to the tune of Ballad of the Green Berets by Robin Moore and Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler)
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Fighting spammers from the cloud
The fearless team that clicks so proud
They come to fight, they're here to stay
They hate spam, they're the 'dot Berets

Golden wikis upon their chest
They're a team, they're Wikidot's best
A hundred spammers will try today
Not even one gets by the 'dot Berets

Trained to live off caffeine's buzz
They don't sleep, they have a cause
A team who fights by night and day
Spam can't hide from the 'dot Berets


Back at home a goal's in sight
The 'dot Berets have spam to fight
They have clicked for those who 're pissed
They crush spam with a mighty fist


Camouflaged, a shit-bag tries
What they don't know, is they can't hide
They post and run, with their 'best essays'
But there's no escape from the 'dot Berets


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