Upload a "favorite.jpg"


I tweaked the theme today to add the kodachrome 35mm slide to all of the gallery pages. The idea is to feature an image from your gallery.

Currently, you have to upload a photo called favorite.jpg to your gallery page along with your other images. The template that does the formatting will see the favorite photo and place it in the slide frame. Note that the file has to be in jpg format. Size doesn't matter - it will be scaled down to fit the frame. Optionally, you could also rename one of your jpg images after you upload. You do this by clicking the files link at the bottom of the page, finding your image to rename, click options > rename and fill in favorite.jpg for the new name.

I've asked our friends at Wikidot to add a feature that will allow me to do this automatically. What I'm hoping for is an update that will allow me to grab a random image from the page and display it in the slide frame (making for very dynamic content!)



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